Dress Code, Behaviour and Groups Policy

Dear customers,

Please note The Old Mill Bar and Kitchen has a smart dress code policy. The Management and the Security Team on their behalf, reserves the right to refuse entrance to any members of the public wearing sports wear, and non smart casual wear.  

If we can’t see your face, you can’t come in - so hoods downallowing clear vision of your identity are required.

We are a family venue, so shirts are to be kept on and reasonable efforts to be covered up are also looked out for, however we do understand hot weather will play a part in this.

Any person/groups or individuals turning up rowdy or drunk will be refused admission. Large groups who have not pre-arranged entry on busy days will be subject to refusal if necessary.

if you have been banned from pub watch and any other local venues, chances are you are already banned here. 

Gaining entry by attempting to climb over our boundaries will be treated as trespassing and dealt with accordingly, by security or by the Police.

We also do not tolerate rudeness to any of our team, 

be it bar staff or on our door.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Management.